Minneapolis Party Bus Pricing

Here at Minneapolis Party Bus, we do our absolute best to provide the most fair and affordable pricing that any party bus company offers the entire Minneapolis area. Most people call us and ask us how expensive or how affordable our prices are and when we say "it depends," they generally think we're going to give them our sales pitch. However, when we give that response, we mean it. Our pricing is based on a few factors that will vary from client to client, such as the size of the vehicle or length of the rental, and prices may also fluctuate with the market, which in this industry generally leads to higher pricing in the late spring and summer. Because of these factors, pricing will depend on some information we'll need from you. When you call for your 100% risk free quote, we'll ask you a couple of questions to determine accurate pricing.

First, we'll need to know what date you'd like service. This is important because pricing does vary, with generally higher prices in the spring and summer (commonly referred to as "wedding season"), and with typical variations through the week, such as Fridays and Saturdays being the most expensive days to rent during any season. Next, we'll need to know the time and location of the first pick-up and the last drop off. This is because we base pricing on our coverage area, and although you can travel outside of this area at no extra charge, beginning and ending the rental in our local area will be less expensive. In regards to the time of day, this is because there may be different minimum rental requirements. Lastly, we'll just need to know how many passengers you'll have so we can find the proper sized vehicle available when you need it. It probably goes without saying that a Minneapolis limousine for 8 will be less expensive than a party bus for 40.

As you can see, the most basic details are the building blocks of our pricing. This is why we say "it depends," rather than giving a ballpark figure. Because have such a variety of vehicles available, there's too many possibilities for us to give a ballpark figure, so these details are crucial. However, our quotes are always no-obligation, so if you're just comparing prices and haven't made set-in-stone plans yet, our agents will still be happy to help! For example, if you're planning a night out for somewhere between 15 and 20 people, but aren't sure if you'll be heading out on a Friday or Saturday, our agents can let you know the vehicle options that would accommodate your group and give you the price comparisons for Friday versus Saturday. It's also important to note that the price we quote you will be the actual price, unlike with some companies that will give you a low rate and then tag on a ton of fees. Another thing to remember is that we have the finest vehicles around, and the best drivers in the business. When you consider these things, it's easy to see that our prices are the absolute best deals!

When you're ready to get your price quote, just give us a call or send us an email and our agents will be happy to help. We're here 24/7 so don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

Easy Quote List:

Pickup and Drop Off Location

Give us an address or intersection for your first pick up and last drop off.

Amount of People Attending

Knowing the number of guests helps us quote the right sized vehicles.

Number of Hours Need for Service

This is the number that we multiply our hourly price by in order to accurately quote our vehicle.

Any Special Requests

Do you have any special requests? Just ask and we'll do what we can to accommodate you!

What to

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Excellent Service • Lavish Vehicles • Friendly Drivers • Safe Vehicles • Affordable Prices • Incredible Value • 24 Hour Support • The Cleanest Vehicles • And So Much More!



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